The Utah Jazz were “Out Waiters”vs. OKC Thunder

We started out the night celebrating Lisa and my birthday. Her birthday is on Sunday and mine on Wednesday so we got the girls together and went to Stella’s modern Italian cuisine for dinner and drinks before the game.

Stella’s modern Italian cuisine

Yummy dessert!

It’s always fun to hang out with the girls there were eight of us laughing and carrying on and catching up.

•On to the game
Something doesn’t seem right about the Oklahoma City thunder. Beyond the obvious of barely winning this game against the Utah Jazz and losing two prior it appears deeper than just having off games.
They look slower, stiffer and like they are simply not having fun anymore. Reggie Jacksons attitude is so thick you could cut it with a knife. He mopes around just going through the motions. That kind of negativity can’t help the team.
Team: ” Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond his or her limitations.”
Where is all that MVP speech love, joking around helping each other.
This game was much better than the last two with reckless sloppy behind play.
I love Reggie Jackson but it’s clear the trade talks the money the position are affecting him and his play.
I will be sad the day that he gets traded but it’s definitely coming.

Kendrick Perkins above with Dion Waiters.
The good news:
Dion waiters makes his home debut and nails a clutch three in the final seconds of the game to put the Oklahoma City thunder up by four.
Oklahoma wins 99-94
Video here: Dion Waiters clutch 3






So ever since we’ve been going to the games and know where Kevin Durant’s floor seats are we have seen the same woman in the seat for years. Always decked out always colorful and usually in sunglasses. We nicknamed her “Hollywood” years ago. My theory is she is an Inlaw through marriage of Kevin Durant’s. But we still don’t know any guesses? Photo below


This game with friends and a Thunder win was over-the-top fun!
Excited to see the thunder get their mojo back regroup and take care business. I have faith that the selfish sloppy unfocused team of a two game loss is behind us. I am ready to see a “team” play.
Here are fan highlights of the game.
fan video highlights Oklahoma City thunder Utah Jazz

Next up Houston Rockets
Say some prayers and Thunder up!

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