Jamaica and Kevin Durant

Oh how I miss the OKC Thunder and NBA games! A lot has happened this summer in the world of sports. USA won the FIBA World Cup. LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. The NFL is crashing and burning with daily reports of players and domestic violence.
OKC was holding their breath about Kevin Durant’s decision and would we be wearing ugly under armor shoes. He got the money and stuck with Nike. Whew!!
Friends and I went on vacation to Jamaica before the NBA season starts, imagine our surprise when at the resort bar we saw Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder being represented!



This season We’ve decided to take a trip to Memphis and catch a game with friends that we met here (Skirvin bar) during the playoffs when they came to support Memphis grizzlies.
Excited to see the new guys and our superstars hit the court.
I’m feeling it, we got it, 2015 OKC Thunder!

A bit of Jamaica