The Oklahoma City Thunder win big vs. The Golden State Warriors

After getting whipped and totally humiliated by The Houston Rockets the night before, this game was going to either be redemption or the sky is falling in Oklahoma City. I could not believe the negativity and doom that is on local sports radio. Particularly Jim Traber of WWLS Sports Animal. I don’t always listen but when I do it’s like listening to a skipping record. Most of local sports media with the exception of Royce Young and a couple others is appalling. It’s attacking and sloppy. It’s no wonder that Russell Westbrook has shut down his interviews. I’ll get some more of that later.

We started out the night at Iquana lounge (downtown) for dinner. The food is excellent here and tonight I got Carnitas. This was an off night of low-carb eating.


The Game
The Oklahoma City thunder started out strong and stayed strong the entire game. The bodysnatchers brought our team back in the nick of time. Kevin Durant with “Ice in his Veins” and Russell Westbrook the energizer bunny. Still going!!!!

Russell Westbrook 17 points 17 rebounds 15 assist.
Kevin Durant 36 points 14-18 shooting.
Ibaka went for a couple threes changed his mind and drive to the basket or pull-up jumpers.
Dion Waiters got 21 points and was hustling Defense.
Amazing playing!
Earlier in the day we heard a bunch of rumors about Brook Lopez coming to the Oklahoma city thunder in a trade with Kendrick Perkins and Jeremy Lamb. That deal was put on hold before the game otherwise we wouldn’t of been able to get this picture. *taken by my son

Morrow had a pretty sick three point shot!
3 point Anthony Morrow

Oh and I made the Jumbotron yikes! I was texting and talking to a friend




This was OKC Thunder best game of the entire season. Thank God the bodysnatchers brought our guys back. Please don’t take them again!

Thunder win 127-115

After the game there was the interview that got a lot of media attention.
For the last few games Russell Westbrook has kept his answers real short and made it known he is no friend of the media. Why would he be? He is bashed every single day by them. And recently with the Thunder record and loses The brunt of the criticism falls on him. He is never been a media charmer. But he did seem to get a bit friendlier after he went down with his leg. That has all changed.
Execution By Russell Westbrook video

So The guy in the interview that Russell does not like is Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman newspaper. Photo below.


Berry wrote the Mr. Unreliable story about Kevin Durant last year before he won the MVP.
People keep telling me he didn’t write the headline that they have headline writers. I have a problem with that because that means there is no one person accountable. It means they have anonymous writers doing headlines to keep their “star” writers protected. The bottom line is Berry Tramel’s name was on that article would you want to work for a paper that doesn’t let you have creative license over your own newspaper article caption?
I know players make a fortune but they are also human too. All the money in the world doesn’t make people like Russell Westbrook fake. Do I think he could’ve handled it better, yes, but I was also cheering for him.
I always felt like the interviews were stupid and painstaking to watch especially after a loss. What does media expect players to say before and after 80 games a season! Nothing profound comes out of those interviews just a lot of awkward.

Next up is Orlando Magic 5 games on the road until they get back here!!

Keep it classy and
Thunder up!


The Utah Jazz were “Out Waiters”vs. OKC Thunder

We started out the night celebrating Lisa and my birthday. Her birthday is on Sunday and mine on Wednesday so we got the girls together and went to Stella’s modern Italian cuisine for dinner and drinks before the game.

Stella’s modern Italian cuisine

Yummy dessert!

It’s always fun to hang out with the girls there were eight of us laughing and carrying on and catching up.

•On to the game
Something doesn’t seem right about the Oklahoma City thunder. Beyond the obvious of barely winning this game against the Utah Jazz and losing two prior it appears deeper than just having off games.
They look slower, stiffer and like they are simply not having fun anymore. Reggie Jacksons attitude is so thick you could cut it with a knife. He mopes around just going through the motions. That kind of negativity can’t help the team.
Team: ” Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond his or her limitations.”
Where is all that MVP speech love, joking around helping each other.
This game was much better than the last two with reckless sloppy behind play.
I love Reggie Jackson but it’s clear the trade talks the money the position are affecting him and his play.
I will be sad the day that he gets traded but it’s definitely coming.

Kendrick Perkins above with Dion Waiters.
The good news:
Dion waiters makes his home debut and nails a clutch three in the final seconds of the game to put the Oklahoma City thunder up by four.
Oklahoma wins 99-94
Video here: Dion Waiters clutch 3






So ever since we’ve been going to the games and know where Kevin Durant’s floor seats are we have seen the same woman in the seat for years. Always decked out always colorful and usually in sunglasses. We nicknamed her “Hollywood” years ago. My theory is she is an Inlaw through marriage of Kevin Durant’s. But we still don’t know any guesses? Photo below


This game with friends and a Thunder win was over-the-top fun!
Excited to see the thunder get their mojo back regroup and take care business. I have faith that the selfish sloppy unfocused team of a two game loss is behind us. I am ready to see a “team” play.
Here are fan highlights of the game.
fan video highlights Oklahoma City thunder Utah Jazz

Next up Houston Rockets
Say some prayers and Thunder up!

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Kevin Durant’s Magic too much for the Wizards.

Kevin Durant is back and I’ve never seen him look more relaxed and focused, then he did against the wizards.
He made everything look easy.
Pretty much everyone watching has their jaws hanging open in awe. Durant has a pregame handshake ritual with the team. video here:

I really have to give it up to Kendrick Perkins, last season everybody was calling for his head on a platter. Amnesty Perkins, trade Perkins, he makes too much money, blah blah.
Do you remember when Perkins with scored two points a game…maybe! This game ..Kendrick Perkins had six points, four rebounds and some important defensive play. When he had his exit interview last season he said he was coming back different and he did.
He puts it all out there every single game. He’s doing things we’ve never seen him do since he’s been a thunder Player. I can see why management stayed loyal to him. you don’t see him moping around coming off the bench. I appreciate how hard he plays in the face of essentially been demoted to the bench. His hustle gets the crowd going and I’ve seen more screaming and ovations for him this season. Way to go Kendrick Perkins you are a great example of “never give up.”

Nick Collison also came in. We have not seen him much this season. He is such a solid and consistent player. The chemistry between he and Steven Adams is something to see.


The Thunder let their big lead dwindle down but finally finished off the wizards. 109 – 102
Sights and sounds video here.

Big game with the Warriors Tuesday but don’t stress, Kevin Durant has ice in his veins!

Thunder up!

The Suns go down vs. OKC Thunder on New Year’s Eve

The Oklahoma City thunder started out as a complete team with Kevin Durant coming back into the lineup after being out with a sprained ankle. Late in the second quarter Russell Westbrook gets ejected from the game. Alex Len and Russell Westbrook get into a verbal exchange and after a play Alex Len swings Westbrook to the ground to fight.
I thought he’d be ejected but instead both he and Russell Westbrook got technicals.
After shooting the technicals Russell Westbrook goes in for an easy lay up. The crowd goes crazy and he walks over to the bench and gets called for another technical for “taunting” and is ejected from the game.
Video here:

You can see and hear the crowd go crazy over the call.
Before the game started Davis, Who I recruited to write for this blog, said “Watch Kevin Durant drop 40 points tonight!”
I was only skeptical because this was Kevin Durant’s first game back after missing seven, but I high-fived him because I love when he talks like that!
Let’s go KDdddddddddd!!




Kevin Durant scores 44 Pts in his return to lead Thunder past Suns in OT, 137-134.
Tweets from Oklahoma City thunder players after the game.






Here are FULL FAN Video highlights from the game.

This season there has been a lot of games that we lost in the final minutes seconds of the game. That dreaded feeling came over lots of fans at the end of that game. Davis kept looking over at me and saying “Kevin Durant has ice in his veins, don’t worry.” It always makes me smile when he talks like that I love it so much!!

Kevin Durant The cold blooded NBA killer is back.

Thunder up!