Russell Wesbrook comes back in the “Knick” of time against New York!

Guess who’s back?

Russell Westbrook!

A lot of excitement in Chesapeake Arena tonight …A LOT!

Russell Westbrook showed all in attendance he can be MVP! He is simply amazing.

JR Smith was getting stretched before the game.

JR Smith getting Stretched

Derek Fisher always the patriot with his hand over his heart. It’s funny what you notice when you were at all the home games Nick Collison,
Caron Butler to name a few.
Fish Respects America
Russell Westbrook came back and ATE the Knicks alive in the first quarter. The man of the night, no Rust for Russell. He was doing laser surgery on the Knicks, He had 14 points in the first few minutes of the game.
Here is the crowd when he was introduced back into the line up. (yep lots of screaming!)
Russell Westbrook’s #1 fan always there for him and the crowd.
 It was so different to see Fisher as a coach and not a player. The crowd gave him huge applause when he was introduced. But he barely cracked a smile. He was so intense and melancholy throughout the game. Well Oklahoma city thunder did beat them pretty bad.
The bench was up screaming for the players and the crowd was electric.
Kevin Durant cheering on the team.

Kevin Durant cheering on the team.

Jeremy Lamb did a bit of work too. Best Video of the night.

Score !05- 78 OKC Win!

FIsh is back



Oklahoma City Thunder beat Utah and all that Jazz!

First things first..

This was the most fun thunder game I have been to all season, It’s much better when the Thunder win!

Jeremy Lamb off the bench was a big reason the Thunder won this game. You can see his work here.

Oklahoma City won!

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were all in black. Clearly Russ sent KD a box of his Russell Westbrook collection, as Kevin Durant has upped his fashion game while he has been on the bench.

Here is Russell at the scorers table checking on stats,


Russell Westbrook Checking stats at the scorers table.

Russell Westbrook Checking stats at the scorers table.

Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz was pretty amazing and I had two basketball friends in my ear telling me how talented this guy is and to watch out for him in the future.

The battle between Serge Ibaka and Gordon Hayward



Gordon Hayward2 Gordon Hayward

The best video of the night was made by my son Wil Van Beckum. Video was shot in slow motion of Anthony Morrow

Watch here:

Wil Van Beckum with the best video of the night with his girlfriend Jana and her brother Mitch.

Wil Van Beckum with the best video of the night with his girlfriend Jana and her brother Mitch.

Everyone was the car was singing to 90’s music in the car on the way home and this came on Marky Mark Good Vibrations…

The Oklahoma City Thunder drought is over!

Oklahoma Win 97- 82

*note* If you ever come to an Oklahoma city Thunder game from out of town and you are looking for a place to eat you must go to Mickey Mantel. The food and service is amazing. We eat out before most games and its the Best of Oklahoma.

site here:

OKC Thunder miss another “Golden” Opportunity against the Warriors

The Good news is it’s only a matter of days when both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are back in the line up.

At least half of the twelve losses has been at the final play to win or send them into overtime. The OKC Thunder have been playing with heart and guts. Sure, there has been a lot of cringe worthy plays and calls, but all in all the Thunder have been hanging tough. No doubt it will pay off as the stars come back.

Its always exciting to play Golden State. Last season we played them hard and had some miraculous game winning plays. Let this remind and excite you. Happy Days are going to be here again soon!

Russell Westbrook and my camera connected.

Russell and my camera connect

Russell and my camera connect

Super star Steph Curry

Steph Curry

The fans have been stellar. They came out in snowstorm with wrecks all over the city for the Houston game, and there were times tonight you would have thought Russell and KD dunked by the way the crown reacted. Everyone knows Happy Days are coming, No Boot on KD and talk that Russell Westbrook could possibly be back for Fridays game against the Knicks.

The light is getting ready to shine back on OKC

Kevin Durant without his boot.

Kevin Durant without his boot.

Oklahoma City Thunder Fans hanging tough with Rumble.


Rumble giving love.

Oklahoma City Thunder “Hero” Fans,

Once again it was a opportunity missed at the final seconds of the game. Not sure why Roberston took the final shot over Morrow.

Golden  State 91- Oklahoma City Thunder 86

Next up Utah Jazz on Wednesday

Thunder up!

Oklahoma City Thunder NET another loss

Ever so close,yet so far away….

 I’m in the poetry mood.
The dark depressive type of poetry.
This is the state of my mind with another close Oklahoma City Thunder game and loss. The anxiety begins when the team lineup is announced and reality of the teams situation comes back into my head. Oklahoma City superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are on still on the bench!
Some fans can only take so much excitement so they just fall asleep?
Sweet Sleep…
Kevin Durant was up and down all night. The players have their game starting rituals and here is a video close up.
Minus the couple sleeping the crowd was pretty into the game. The Real MVP Kevin Durant’s mom was up dancing like she often does. I love her Mauve Lipstick color. Wanda looks like money that’s all I will say about that. See for yourself.
Here is a Video:

Serge Ibaka 16 points and 10 rebounds.
Serge Up close
Kevin Durant here looking to chat with a Ref. He was in a Grey on Grey Suit Russell was Black on Black suit.
KD Looks for the Ref
Reggie Jackson was Hustling, he left it ALL out on the floor and was on it a lot tonight,  He had a chance to tie the game and send the Thunder into overtime.
Video of the play:
Poor Reggie just crumbled on the ground in a heap. He was so upset.
Final Score. 94- 92 Nets win
Next up Golden State on Sunday.
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
speaking of Blue
Thunder needs a win
Thunder up!

Metro Shoe Warehouse- Ladies Night

Metro Shoe Warehouse is a huge supplier of Oklahoma City Thunder gear. Once a year they have a night just for the ladies. It is by invite only and a ticket fee that goes to charity. Everything in the store is 20% off! It was a great time to go check out all the new thunder gear while having a Glass of wine and a bite.






Guystuff  (With live underwear models at the party).




They have Thunder Gear for boys girls men and women.
T-shirts, jackets, tanks, Scarves, hats, shoes.
The biggest selection I’ve ever seen. They also have a huge selection of other shoes and sportswear.
The owners are big Oklahoma City thunder fans and supporters, and really nice guys too!
See you out there!

Here is their online store and directions.

this is the shirt I bought my son.


Houston did not have a problem against the Oklahoma City Thunder


I confess I still have it bad for James Harden. He was the first Oklahoma City Thunder player to break my heart. Oh I’m sure there will be many more but he will always be the first and I still can’t believe we traded James Harden!So my confession is that even though the Oklahoma City thunder comes first sometimes I forget that when James Harden is around.
I feel so much better now.
Nothing was going to stop us getting to the game even a snowstorm. With accidents all over the city. We got in Lisa’s beast and headed out.

Our ritual is to grab an adult beverage before we head down to our seats from Susan the sweetest lady at the concession by section 115. If you see her say hi!

Before the game started James Harden had a conversation with Russell Westbrook.

You can see all the love here on this video:
We had a girl sitting right in front of us holding up a sign that said “Oklahoma City is number one but my heart belongs to Dwight Howard”

"I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart"

“I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart”

She was flirting with him and so were some other girls in the area.

The game is low scoring but the Oklahoma city thunder without it stars still hung in there the entire game.
Then James Harden reminded me why I miss him so much.
Watch the video here:
At one point Dwight Howard got in a fight with the Oklahoma City thunder bench and Scott Brooks
Video here:
At the end of the game Dwight Howard threw up his jersey to the girl sitting in front of us with the sign.
Lisa and her son Davis got in on the action and Davis was appalled when his mother put the wet sweaty Jersey up to her face.
It was quite comical.


You can see him photo bombing her in the photo above.
Overall a really fun night it’s always great when the Oklahoma City thunder and the Houston Rockets meet. And I get to see the bearded one.
It’s going to be way more fun when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durrant and the other injured players meet them again.
Final Score: 69-65 Houston wins.