Fans sit courtside at the OKC THUNDER game with Russell Westbrook and the mask

My friend Lisa bought courtside tickets  at a charity auction and she invited me to go. 

Umm Yes!!

We go to most of the home games together so we know all the players, watch our phones for Russell Westbrook  triple double watch. I have Twitter updates that notify me from Royce Young.  So to go see the Oklahoma City thunder team THIS close is something I will never forget. 

We started out at pearls oyster bar. And by the time we left it was snowing pretty hard. 

a little snow wasn’t going to stop us

We made it to Chesapeake with no weather complications. YAY!

We got to our seats which are right under the thunder goal and immediately security came up to us. He was friendly and went through the list of rules for sitting courtside.  I’m laughing as I write this, how did he know?  I’m guessing we have the fan girl newbie look. 

We sat next to courtside season-ticket holders who sat numbly watching the game. We brought our fan girls selves and  stood up and cheered, giggled, got caught pointing at players. Said hi to some of the players. I think we spilled an adult beverage…oops. We had a blast! 

Honestly it is a little stressful sitting courtside. With all the rules and The TV cameras. One cameraman threatened to put us on while we were taking a bite of our food. ha! 

Mitch McGary pregame

Russell Westbrook warm up

Serge Ibaka up close

Westbrook and Kanter

This was the first game that Russell Westbrook was in his mask. He’s did seem to have trouble adjusting to it even though he had another triple double. He adjusted it a lot during the game. 

Russell Westbrook

The game got close in the fourth quarter but the effect that Russell Westbrook was having had the whole arena buzzing. He went to the line in  and the crowd yelled MVPMVPMVP! It may of been louder then Kevin Durant’s first mvp chants last season. It gave me goosebumps. Russell Westbrook is special. 


OKC won 123-118 

This game was The highlight of the season with Russell coming back after breaking a bone in his face three days later with the mask on. Oklahoma City fans are so lucky to be able to see the kind of talent of the Oklahoma City Thunder. I know it’s not gonna last forever but I enjoy every single minute of it.  It’s funny because now my Los Angeles friends and family are starting to remind me that Russell Westbrook is a UCLA Bruin. Keep dreaming Laker fans! We have him for at least a couple more years. 

At the end of the game Westbrook threw his sweatband towards us I almost lept to get it but I had to keep it classy, plus the cameraman picked it up and kept it.  Should’ve been a little faster! 

Westbrook’s headband

Here is our fan video I made. I laughed so hard listening to Lisa and commentating while the game is going on of course I cut most of The stuff about Serge Ibaka out. I won’t be Twitter shamed.  

Thank you Lisa for a great night!

Fan Video:

All the way Thunder fans!

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