OKC Thunder season opener vs San Antonio Spurs

It wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was oh so sweet. Kevin Durant is back. Russell Westbrook is of another world. I finally admitted tonight that Russell Westbrook has taken the place of my beloved James Harden as my favorite  player. I know it took a while but I am loyal. You still can’t talk me out of loving James Harden but now I love Russell just a little bit more. I had a really hard time understanding Russell when he first came to Oklahoma City. He’s like a bull in a China store. What you see is what you get. No bullshit. He doesn’t care about that fragile China of yours. He may break all of it but you knew that already because he’s a bull. I personally have never seen an athlete with stronger convictions about winning then Russell Westbrook. He is committed the entire game. He leaves everything, I mean everything out on the court. He has my respect. I will take the tiny amount of bad with the loyal funny passionate hearted bull.

Kevin Durant is not at full throttle yet but it is coming don’t doubt it. He showed us a little preview of what is to come.
Steven Adams looks great with his hair pulled back.

Mitch lost weight.

Serge *swoon*

Did you ever notice how Serge Ibaka puts his finger up to the sky when he misses or makes the basket?

Dion Waiters showed us what he could be…then quickly showed us what he was. Moments of “wow he’s changed” to “ut oh”

The game was so much fun. We started out at Mickey Mantle’s for dinner and met over at Chesapeake for the game.

The lines getting into Chesapeake were outrageous  They are now making everyone go through a metal detectors before the game. It took us 40 minutes to get in from a humongous line outside. It’s the worst traffic getting into and leaving the game that I have ever experienced. No one was used to it and everyone was complaining. Plan to get there an hour early if you don’t want to stress the lines.

Our girl Susan the concession lady was there it was great to see her. Russell Westbrook’s number one fan Susan2 was also there with her new short haircut.

Todd, Christin and all the regulars were there. All in all a great night of basket ball.

OKC win 112-106