Wake up Oklahoma City Thunder Fans! 

Wake up Oklahoma City Thunder fans.
Wanted: OKC Thunder fans

Where: Chesapeake Arena

I don’t even know where to begin this rant. I’m shaking my head as I write. I can not believe what I saw tonight and the last several if not all Oklahoma City thunder home games.
Can someone tell me what happened the Oklahoma City thunder fans? Fans remain sitting at the end of the game with a close score?
 (Fans remain sitting with less then 2 mins left. 4 point game.)

Worst on a Friday night the fans that get up and leave with two or three minutes left in the very close game.

 (Fans leaving 4 point game 2 mins in the game.)

Mind blowing are the seats that remain empty the whole game. If you own tickets why would you not make sure that your seats are filled. I’m sure there are charities with kids that would love to sit in those seats and cheer on the team. It looks so bad on TV to see those empty seats and there are many of them around the arena.

The arena isn’t as involved with getting the crowd into the game like years past.

A couple games ago Russell Westbrook was so angry he came over to our side of the arena with his hands up as if to tell us to get up and cheer.

There were so many games in the past that the crowd literally helped motivate the team to a win.

I’m not going to talk about the game tonight against the New York Knicks only to say it was nice to see Derek Fisher.

The thunder need a lot of help right now even from the fans.
*Be in your seats on time

* Stand up and cheer

* Stay (do you know how many games are won in the last few seconds? Lots!)

Bring back the best NBA fans in the league or risk losing the best players. Simple.