OKC Thunder season opener vs San Antonio Spurs

It wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was oh so sweet. Kevin Durant is back. Russell Westbrook is of another world. I finally admitted tonight that Russell Westbrook has taken the place of my beloved James Harden as my favorite  player. I know it took a while but I am loyal. You still can’t talk me out of loving James Harden but now I love Russell just a little bit more. I had a really hard time understanding Russell when he first came to Oklahoma City. He’s like a bull in a China store. What you see is what you get. No bullshit. He doesn’t care about that fragile China of yours. He may break all of it but you knew that already because he’s a bull. I personally have never seen an athlete with stronger convictions about winning then Russell Westbrook. He is committed the entire game. He leaves everything, I mean everything out on the court. He has my respect. I will take the tiny amount of bad with the loyal funny passionate hearted bull.

Kevin Durant is not at full throttle yet but it is coming don’t doubt it. He showed us a little preview of what is to come.
Steven Adams looks great with his hair pulled back.

Mitch lost weight.

Serge *swoon*

Did you ever notice how Serge Ibaka puts his finger up to the sky when he misses or makes the basket?

Dion Waiters showed us what he could be…then quickly showed us what he was. Moments of “wow he’s changed” to “ut oh”

The game was so much fun. We started out at Mickey Mantle’s for dinner and met over at Chesapeake for the game.

The lines getting into Chesapeake were outrageous  They are now making everyone go through a metal detectors before the game. It took us 40 minutes to get in from a humongous line outside. It’s the worst traffic getting into and leaving the game that I have ever experienced. No one was used to it and everyone was complaining. Plan to get there an hour early if you don’t want to stress the lines.

Our girl Susan the concession lady was there it was great to see her. Russell Westbrook’s number one fan Susan2 was also there with her new short haircut.

Todd, Christin and all the regulars were there. All in all a great night of basket ball.

OKC win 112-106


The Oklahoma City Thunder win big vs. The Golden State Warriors

After getting whipped and totally humiliated by The Houston Rockets the night before, this game was going to either be redemption or the sky is falling in Oklahoma City. I could not believe the negativity and doom that is on local sports radio. Particularly Jim Traber of WWLS Sports Animal. I don’t always listen but when I do it’s like listening to a skipping record. Most of local sports media with the exception of Royce Young and a couple others is appalling. It’s attacking and sloppy. It’s no wonder that Russell Westbrook has shut down his interviews. I’ll get some more of that later.

We started out the night at Iquana lounge (downtown) for dinner. The food is excellent here and tonight I got Carnitas. This was an off night of low-carb eating.



The Game
The Oklahoma City thunder started out strong and stayed strong the entire game. The bodysnatchers brought our team back in the nick of time. Kevin Durant with “Ice in his Veins” and Russell Westbrook the energizer bunny. Still going!!!!

Russell Westbrook 17 points 17 rebounds 15 assist.
Kevin Durant 36 points 14-18 shooting.
Ibaka went for a couple threes changed his mind and drive to the basket or pull-up jumpers.
Dion Waiters got 21 points and was hustling Defense.
Amazing playing!
Earlier in the day we heard a bunch of rumors about Brook Lopez coming to the Oklahoma city thunder in a trade with Kendrick Perkins and Jeremy Lamb. That deal was put on hold before the game otherwise we wouldn’t of been able to get this picture. *taken by my son

Morrow had a pretty sick three point shot!
3 point Anthony Morrow

Oh and I made the Jumbotron yikes! I was texting and talking to a friend




This was OKC Thunder best game of the entire season. Thank God the bodysnatchers brought our guys back. Please don’t take them again!

Thunder win 127-115

After the game there was the interview that got a lot of media attention.
For the last few games Russell Westbrook has kept his answers real short and made it known he is no friend of the media. Why would he be? He is bashed every single day by them. And recently with the Thunder record and loses The brunt of the criticism falls on him. He is never been a media charmer. But he did seem to get a bit friendlier after he went down with his leg. That has all changed.
Execution By Russell Westbrook video

So The guy in the interview that Russell does not like is Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman newspaper. Photo below.


Berry wrote the Mr. Unreliable story about Kevin Durant last year before he won the MVP.
People keep telling me he didn’t write the headline that they have headline writers. I have a problem with that because that means there is no one person accountable. It means they have anonymous writers doing headlines to keep their “star” writers protected. The bottom line is Berry Tramel’s name was on that article would you want to work for a paper that doesn’t let you have creative license over your own newspaper article caption?
I know players make a fortune but they are also human too. All the money in the world doesn’t make people like Russell Westbrook fake. Do I think he could’ve handled it better, yes, but I was also cheering for him.
I always felt like the interviews were stupid and painstaking to watch especially after a loss. What does media expect players to say before and after 80 games a season! Nothing profound comes out of those interviews just a lot of awkward.

Next up is Orlando Magic 5 games on the road until they get back here!!

Keep it classy and
Thunder up!

OKC Thunder roll over Lebron’s Cleveland Cavaliers

This was the first game of the season that the Oklahoma City Thunder looked like the Oklahoma City Thunder!
The Thunder needed the win but it was disappointing to not see LeBron James play in the Chesapeake arena. It was the only chance for the 2014 2015 season unless both teams reach the finals.
•The infamous Joey Crawford was the head referee for the night.

•LeBron James was out due to a sore knee.
•LeBron James was not on the bench he was in the back locker room.
•LeBron James asked to meet with Kevin Durrant in the locker room after the game. Approved by Kendrick Perkins.


The controversial  Joey Crawford above with Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant block video

A sweet photo of Serge Ibaka with his butterfly bandage over his eye.


Team huddle


Kevin Love



I am sure all the sports networks we’re having a hard time deciding what highlights to choose because there were so many amazing plays.
Oklahoma City thunder fans were up and down all night cheering on the team.
Highlight Video

A sexy video of Referee Joey Crawford;-)

Russell Westbrook scored 26 points and Kevin Durant added 19, as the Oklahoma City Thunder held on late to earn a 103-94 victory over the LeBron-less Cavaliers.

Next stop the Minnesota Timberwolves
Thunder up!

OKC Thunder miss another “Golden” Opportunity against the Warriors

The Good news is it’s only a matter of days when both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are back in the line up.

At least half of the twelve losses has been at the final play to win or send them into overtime. The OKC Thunder have been playing with heart and guts. Sure, there has been a lot of cringe worthy plays and calls, but all in all the Thunder have been hanging tough. No doubt it will pay off as the stars come back.

Its always exciting to play Golden State. Last season we played them hard and had some miraculous game winning plays. Let this remind and excite you. Happy Days are going to be here again soon!

Russell Westbrook and my camera connected.

Russell and my camera connect

Russell and my camera connect

Super star Steph Curry

Steph Curry

The fans have been stellar. They came out in snowstorm with wrecks all over the city for the Houston game, and there were times tonight you would have thought Russell and KD dunked by the way the crown reacted. Everyone knows Happy Days are coming, No Boot on KD and talk that Russell Westbrook could possibly be back for Fridays game against the Knicks.

The light is getting ready to shine back on OKC

Kevin Durant without his boot.

Kevin Durant without his boot.

Oklahoma City Thunder Fans hanging tough with Rumble.


Rumble giving love.

Oklahoma City Thunder “Hero” Fans,

Once again it was a opportunity missed at the final seconds of the game. Not sure why Roberston took the final shot over Morrow.

Golden  State 91- Oklahoma City Thunder 86

Next up Utah Jazz on Wednesday

Thunder up!

Oklahoma City Thunder NET another loss

Ever so close,yet so far away….

 I’m in the poetry mood.
The dark depressive type of poetry.
This is the state of my mind with another close Oklahoma City Thunder game and loss. The anxiety begins when the team lineup is announced and reality of the teams situation comes back into my head. Oklahoma City superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are on still on the bench!
Some fans can only take so much excitement so they just fall asleep?
Sweet Sleep…
Kevin Durant was up and down all night. The players have their game starting rituals and here is a video close up.
Minus the couple sleeping the crowd was pretty into the game. The Real MVP Kevin Durant’s mom was up dancing like she often does. I love her Mauve Lipstick color. Wanda looks like money that’s all I will say about that. See for yourself.
Here is a Video:

Serge Ibaka 16 points and 10 rebounds.
Serge Up close
Kevin Durant here looking to chat with a Ref. He was in a Grey on Grey Suit Russell was Black on Black suit.
KD Looks for the Ref
Reggie Jackson was Hustling, he left it ALL out on the floor and was on it a lot tonight,  He had a chance to tie the game and send the Thunder into overtime.
Video of the play:
Poor Reggie just crumbled on the ground in a heap. He was so upset.
Final Score. 94- 92 Nets win
Next up Golden State on Sunday.
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
speaking of Blue
Thunder needs a win
Thunder up!

Houston did not have a problem against the Oklahoma City Thunder


I confess I still have it bad for James Harden. He was the first Oklahoma City Thunder player to break my heart. Oh I’m sure there will be many more but he will always be the first and I still can’t believe we traded James Harden!So my confession is that even though the Oklahoma City thunder comes first sometimes I forget that when James Harden is around.
I feel so much better now.
Nothing was going to stop us getting to the game even a snowstorm. With accidents all over the city. We got in Lisa’s beast and headed out.

Our ritual is to grab an adult beverage before we head down to our seats from Susan the sweetest lady at the concession by section 115. If you see her say hi!

Before the game started James Harden had a conversation with Russell Westbrook.

You can see all the love here on this video:
We had a girl sitting right in front of us holding up a sign that said “Oklahoma City is number one but my heart belongs to Dwight Howard”

"I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart"

“I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart”

She was flirting with him and so were some other girls in the area.

The game is low scoring but the Oklahoma city thunder without it stars still hung in there the entire game.
Then James Harden reminded me why I miss him so much.
Watch the video here:
At one point Dwight Howard got in a fight with the Oklahoma City thunder bench and Scott Brooks
Video here: http://youtu.be/-nZSJsl9AIA
At the end of the game Dwight Howard threw up his jersey to the girl sitting in front of us with the sign.
Lisa and her son Davis got in on the action and Davis was appalled when his mother put the wet sweaty Jersey up to her face.
It was quite comical.


You can see him photo bombing her in the photo above.
Overall a really fun night it’s always great when the Oklahoma City thunder and the Houston Rockets meet. And I get to see the bearded one.
It’s going to be way more fun when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durrant and the other injured players meet them again.
Final Score: 69-65 Houston wins.

Jamaica and Kevin Durant

Oh how I miss the OKC Thunder and NBA games! A lot has happened this summer in the world of sports. USA won the FIBA World Cup. LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. The NFL is crashing and burning with daily reports of players and domestic violence.
OKC was holding their breath about Kevin Durant’s decision and would we be wearing ugly under armor shoes. He got the money and stuck with Nike. Whew!!
Friends and I went on vacation to Jamaica before the NBA season starts, imagine our surprise when at the resort bar we saw Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder being represented!



This season We’ve decided to take a trip to Memphis and catch a game with friends that we met here (Skirvin bar) during the playoffs when they came to support Memphis grizzlies.
Excited to see the new guys and our superstars hit the court.
I’m feeling it, we got it, 2015 OKC Thunder!

A bit of Jamaica