Road trip to Memphis: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzles

We got the idea to travel to Memphis to catch an away game: Oklahoma City Thunder versus Memphis Grizzles after meeting some grizzly fans that were here in OKC for the playoffs last year.
They were not able to make it as they went to the Super Bowl but we came on down anyway and met some friends and new friends along the way.

The night before this trip I watched The Oklahoma City Thunder lose to the New York Knicks.
It was a dagger to the heart losing to the last team in the league.
Mentally I prepared myself that I was going to go game by game and enjoy The best of it and leave the rest. In other words to stop getting angry or commenting as if I know what’s best for the team because I don’t… (More below)
We left Oklahoma City at 8 AM Thursday.
The 6 1/2 hour drive flew by and we were soon checking into our hotel.
Lisa and I were meeting friends Patty and Todd. So we went up to our room and spruced up and met them down in the lobby.
I had only met Patty and Todd one other time but we became fast friends in a perfect setting for soul food and fun.
I think all of our souls were fed this weekend.
We had reservations at BB Kings for BBQ Thursday night.
We had the soul All-Stars playing music while we ate some amazing barbecue. Our waiter was especially helpful and quick.
We chatted with the Sax player who was stoned but played out of his mind.


We all got up and danced to what seemed like 10 minute long songs!

Some of the other things that we did over the weekend we went to Gus’s fried chicken, we drove by the national civil rights museum where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Did the Graceland tour.
Drove by some Victorian historical homes.







We went to the Westin Hotel to get drinks and watched the Oklahoma City thunder board their buses.


Saturday came quick and before we knew it was time for the game.


This was my first game to go to enemy territory to watch the Oklahoma City thunder play. I was a little nervous wondering how fans around us would react. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly with a competitive spirit the fans have.

It was playful whether we were winning or losing.
A kind grandpa huge Memphis grizzlies fan brought his grandson who is a KD Oklahoma City thunder fan to the game they sat right in front of us.

Grizzles beat OKC 85-74
Game observations. Kevin Durant
did not seem right he was slow and a step behind most of the game
•Memphis grizzlies fans really hate Steven Adams. He got bigger boo’s then Russell Westbrook.
•The FedEx had cupholders which would be quite handy at Chesapeake arena:-)
•Russell Westbrook seemed especially angry during the game.
Caron Butler, Kevin Martin, I mean Dion Waiters went for a layup with nobody around and completely missed it and had to re-shoot I did blush.
When we started to miss every shot in the fourth quarter I didn’t even get mad. I just sucked up all the energy in the form and enjoyed watching an NBA game away from home.
•I do still comment as if I’m a General manager though:-)
Here is a video of some of the sights and sounds of Memphis.

Memphis fans in the grind house kept asking us how far of a drive it was for us. When we told them they all expressed interest in making the drive themselves to catch in Oklahoma City thunder/ grizzly game in OKC and I highly recommend it.
Beale Street has an old swanky vibe that kept us laughing talking healing.
It is a trip I will never forget.
Patty and Todd felt like relatives I’ve known my whole life. Lisa kept me laughing so hard I think I bruised a rib the first night!
Next game is tomorrow at home vs. The Magic.
Hopefully Oklahoma City will convince us all they are back. Oh what a dream.