Kevin Durant’s Magic too much for the Wizards.

Kevin Durant is back and I’ve never seen him look more relaxed and focused, then he did against the wizards.
He made everything look easy.
Pretty much everyone watching has their jaws hanging open in awe. Durant has a pregame handshake ritual with the team. video here:

I really have to give it up to Kendrick Perkins, last season everybody was calling for his head on a platter. Amnesty Perkins, trade Perkins, he makes too much money, blah blah.
Do you remember when Perkins with scored two points a game…maybe! This game ..Kendrick Perkins had six points, four rebounds and some important defensive play. When he had his exit interview last season he said he was coming back different and he did.
He puts it all out there every single game. He’s doing things we’ve never seen him do since he’s been a thunder Player. I can see why management stayed loyal to him. you don’t see him moping around coming off the bench. I appreciate how hard he plays in the face of essentially been demoted to the bench. His hustle gets the crowd going and I’ve seen more screaming and ovations for him this season. Way to go Kendrick Perkins you are a great example of “never give up.”

Nick Collison also came in. We have not seen him much this season. He is such a solid and consistent player. The chemistry between he and Steven Adams is something to see.


The Thunder let their big lead dwindle down but finally finished off the wizards. 109 – 102
Sights and sounds video here.

Big game with the Warriors Tuesday but don’t stress, Kevin Durant has ice in his veins!

Thunder up!


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