The Suns go down vs. OKC Thunder on New Year’s Eve

The Oklahoma City thunder started out as a complete team with Kevin Durant coming back into the lineup after being out with a sprained ankle. Late in the second quarter Russell Westbrook gets ejected from the game. Alex Len and Russell Westbrook get into a verbal exchange and after a play Alex Len swings Westbrook to the ground to fight.
I thought he’d be ejected but instead both he and Russell Westbrook got technicals.
After shooting the technicals Russell Westbrook goes in for an easy lay up. The crowd goes crazy and he walks over to the bench and gets called for another technical for “taunting” and is ejected from the game.
Video here:

You can see and hear the crowd go crazy over the call.
Before the game started Davis, Who I recruited to write for this blog, said “Watch Kevin Durant drop 40 points tonight!”
I was only skeptical because this was Kevin Durant’s first game back after missing seven, but I high-fived him because I love when he talks like that!
Let’s go KDdddddddddd!!




Kevin Durant scores 44 Pts in his return to lead Thunder past Suns in OT, 137-134.
Tweets from Oklahoma City thunder players after the game.






Here are FULL FAN Video highlights from the game.

This season there has been a lot of games that we lost in the final minutes seconds of the game. That dreaded feeling came over lots of fans at the end of that game. Davis kept looking over at me and saying “Kevin Durant has ice in his veins, don’t worry.” It always makes me smile when he talks like that I love it so much!!

Kevin Durant The cold blooded NBA killer is back.

Thunder up!


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