It ain’t Pretty in Oklahoma City for the Thunder!

Worst loss of the season. The Oklahoma City Thunder should have won that game.
Damien Lillard was the hero with this three point game time shot to send the game into overtime.

Video Here:

You can see Serge Ibaka clearly frustrated by his late defense.
It shouldn’t of happened but it did and by the next play Serge and DaMarcus Aldridge get into an altercation and both get ejected.


final score 115-111 Blazers win

The most disappointing thing was seeing fans getting into a fight in the stands. Full on fistfight.

Another view:

We knew the day would come when some fans would get batshit crazy and take things too seriously.
It’s a damn game, get a grip people. You have a lot to be thankful to be at an NBA game and seeing some of the best players in the world. Calm down and show some class.
The reality is the Thunder are not ALWAYS going to be good. They will have rough seasons. You can’t control it. You have no control. Let that sink in.
When Kevin Durant won his MVP even he admitted basketball is merely a platform and it’s not the most important thing. Fans yell at opposing teams. Then, after the game you see Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook cutting up with them – giving them a hug Etc.
It would be nice if fans enjoyed what we have here. It’s pretty freaking amazing!
I’m fortunate to get to go with one of my friends who invites me to the games. I appreciate every single minute I get to see.

I hope the love affair that the NBA media has for the Oklahoma City thunder fans doesn’t turn against us.
With fans exiting early. Screaming obnoxious obscenities and acting like idiots.
Most fans are amazing it’s just the few that make it bad for everyone.
Thunder fans Lisa and Davis are in San Antonio for Oklahoma City thunder vs. San Antonio game tomorrow. They will be there like many other games cheering on the thunder.
I’ll be here watching with my son Who is a San Antonio Spurs fan!
Thunder up and keep it classy OKC!!


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