C’mon Russell!! Russell Westbrook and the armchair point guards.

What is wrong with people?

How many of the media and NBA fans have ever played on the NBA team as a starting point guard on one of the best teams in the league?

How many of those fans or media have The athletic ability of Westbrook?
What about the heart that gets left out on the floor every single game.

I’m pretty sure that’s nobody.

So explain to me why there are so many Russell Westbrook experts?
Experts that easily explain how they would do things differently. image

On every bad play or decision Russell Westbrook makes. Easily forgetting the MVP caliber game he had two nights ago.

Russell Westbrook plays angry, committed focused. He’s frustrating because maybe he’s frustrated.
He gets the team involved like a simple layup to Serge Ibaka that Serge was late for and blew the play. Russell takes matters into his own hands to get the job done sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
Unfortunately we have players like Jeremy Lamb Perry Jones Reggie Jackson Who are not consistent.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. Fans and media need to stop trying to put a square peg in around hole. Russell has been here for six years and he’s the same guy.
Stop trying to make Russell Westbrook Magic Johnson Steph Curry or Rajon Rondo. He is different and he will always be different and we will have to take the bad with the good. But luckily there is a whole lot of good.

•He is the most athletic point guard we have ever seen.
•if teammates are missing shots or not stepping up he’s going to take it upon himself.
•He is the alpha leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder
•He will go up for three rebounds in a row.
•He will be one of the only players consistently diving on the ground to get a ball.

And yeah
•He’s going to play hero ball sometimes
•He will take too many 3s. Occasionally.
•made bad shots.

One of my favorite Oklahoma City thunder fans stands up before “the first” Russell Westbrook free-throw
And screams his name you can hear it on TV and in the Arena.

She started doing it A few years ago because of all the bad talk and press Russell Westbrook it gets.
She stood up and showed her support when a lot of people questioned if he was the right guy for OKC.

Here she is last night.

From one fan, Russell keep being you and doing what you do.
You continue to improve and get better every year. You give more of yourself.
Keep on keepin on.



C’mon Russell!!!!!


*my dog Maggie above



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