Russell Wesbrook comes back in the “Knick” of time against New York!

Guess who’s back?

Russell Westbrook!

A lot of excitement in Chesapeake Arena tonight …A LOT!

Russell Westbrook showed all in attendance he can be MVP! He is simply amazing.

JR Smith was getting stretched before the game.

JR Smith getting Stretched

Derek Fisher always the patriot with his hand over his heart. It’s funny what you notice when you were at all the home games Nick Collison,
Caron Butler to name a few.
Fish Respects America
Russell Westbrook came back and ATE the Knicks alive in the first quarter. The man of the night, no Rust for Russell. He was doing laser surgery on the Knicks, He had 14 points in the first few minutes of the game.
Here is the crowd when he was introduced back into the line up. (yep lots of screaming!)
Russell Westbrook’s #1 fan always there for him and the crowd.
 It was so different to see Fisher as a coach and not a player. The crowd gave him huge applause when he was introduced. But he barely cracked a smile. He was so intense and melancholy throughout the game. Well Oklahoma city thunder did beat them pretty bad.
The bench was up screaming for the players and the crowd was electric.
Kevin Durant cheering on the team.

Kevin Durant cheering on the team.

Jeremy Lamb did a bit of work too. Best Video of the night.

Score !05- 78 OKC Win!

FIsh is back



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