Oklahoma City Thunder NET another loss

Ever so close,yet so far away….

 I’m in the poetry mood.
The dark depressive type of poetry.
This is the state of my mind with another close Oklahoma City Thunder game and loss. The anxiety begins when the team lineup is announced and reality of the teams situation comes back into my head. Oklahoma City superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are on still on the bench!
Some fans can only take so much excitement so they just fall asleep?
Sweet Sleep…
Kevin Durant was up and down all night. The players have their game starting rituals and here is a video close up.
Minus the couple sleeping the crowd was pretty into the game. The Real MVP Kevin Durant’s mom was up dancing like she often does. I love her Mauve Lipstick color. Wanda looks like money that’s all I will say about that. See for yourself.
Here is a Video:

Serge Ibaka 16 points and 10 rebounds.
Serge Up close
Kevin Durant here looking to chat with a Ref. He was in a Grey on Grey Suit Russell was Black on Black suit.
KD Looks for the Ref
Reggie Jackson was Hustling, he left it ALL out on the floor and was on it a lot tonight,  He had a chance to tie the game and send the Thunder into overtime.
Video of the play:
Poor Reggie just crumbled on the ground in a heap. He was so upset.
Final Score. 94- 92 Nets win
Next up Golden State on Sunday.
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
speaking of Blue
Thunder needs a win
Thunder up!

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma City Thunder NET another loss

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