Houston did not have a problem against the Oklahoma City Thunder


I confess I still have it bad for James Harden. He was the first Oklahoma City Thunder player to break my heart. Oh I’m sure there will be many more but he will always be the first and I still can’t believe we traded James Harden!So my confession is that even though the Oklahoma City thunder comes first sometimes I forget that when James Harden is around.
I feel so much better now.
Nothing was going to stop us getting to the game even a snowstorm. With accidents all over the city. We got in Lisa’s beast and headed out.

Our ritual is to grab an adult beverage before we head down to our seats from Susan the sweetest lady at the concession by section 115. If you see her say hi!

Before the game started James Harden had a conversation with Russell Westbrook.

You can see all the love here on this video:
We had a girl sitting right in front of us holding up a sign that said “Oklahoma City is number one but my heart belongs to Dwight Howard”

"I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart"

“I love the Oklahoma City Thunder but Dwight Howard has my heart”

She was flirting with him and so were some other girls in the area.

The game is low scoring but the Oklahoma city thunder without it stars still hung in there the entire game.
Then James Harden reminded me why I miss him so much.
Watch the video here:
At one point Dwight Howard got in a fight with the Oklahoma City thunder bench and Scott Brooks
Video here: http://youtu.be/-nZSJsl9AIA
At the end of the game Dwight Howard threw up his jersey to the girl sitting in front of us with the sign.
Lisa and her son Davis got in on the action and Davis was appalled when his mother put the wet sweaty Jersey up to her face.
It was quite comical.


You can see him photo bombing her in the photo above.
Overall a really fun night it’s always great when the Oklahoma City thunder and the Houston Rockets meet. And I get to see the bearded one.
It’s going to be way more fun when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durrant and the other injured players meet them again.
Final Score: 69-65 Houston wins.


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